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Five Tips For Bikepacking Beginners

Following the completetion of various multi-day bikepacking trips, I have decided to share five of my top tips. These are tips I have learnt whilst on the road making mistakes or whilst in the comfort of my own home, preparing for a ride. Whilst there is a pilifera of information and guidance out there, I believe these to be a great starting point for any bikepacking beginner.

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At the point of writing this, there has been a total of 26.9 million (documented) cases of Covid-19 around the world and around 880,000 (documented) deaths.  It is a heartbreaking reality that we’re all currently living through. I was out of work for five months. This was not by choice – I was very unfortunateContinue reading “RIDE FOR UNITY”

Yorkshire Trigonnée

I reached the top of the marshland climb, now in the shadow of the mountain before me.Tired, exasperated and weary. I finally spotted a gravel path up to the summit. The gravel however, on closer inspection wasn’t anything of the sort. Rocks and pebbles filled the path leading up the steepest part of the ascentContinue reading “Yorkshire Trigonnée”


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