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    At the point of writing this, there has been a total of 26.9 million (documented) cases of Covid-19 around the world and around 880,000 (documented) deaths.  It is a heartbreaking reality that we’re all currently living through. I was out of work for five months. This was not by choice – I was very unfortunateContinue reading “RIDE FOR UNITY”
  • Yorkshire to London(ish)
    It has been exactly five months since I was last at work. Slowly but surely, I have been eating into my savings, biding my time and waiting for the phone to ring. It has been a stressful time, to say the least.  As a London resident without employment, as I am sure you can imagine,Continue reading “Yorkshire to London(ish)”
  • Five tips for bikepacking beginners
    This may seem obvious but not planning your route could be catastrophic. Gone are the days where we spend the majority of our time, face down looking at a map, reading the stars or the height or the sun to lead us home (If you can do this, more power to you!) Applications such asContinue reading “Five tips for bikepacking beginners”

About Me

Hi, I’m Samuel. Aged 15, I was expelled from school with no qualifications. Now, aged 32, I am a Historic Building Scholar and specialist, working and studying in the United Kingdom. In my free time, I live on my bike. This website documents my adventures and experiences whilst on two wheels and offers an insight into the preparation and recovery needed to make these successful.

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